Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toddler Teen

D, my toddler, is ... I believe... a teenager. He may not be 13 years old, but I think he secretly is one.

Things that he does that makes me think he's a teenager:
- constantly says no when i ask him to do something. Sometimes after I say no to something that he's doing and explaining why he should be doing it. He'll look at me and say, "nnnnmnnnnnnoooooo". Yes, with the long n sound.
- He throws tantrums.
- He always wants the doors closed.
- He's always hungry, running around the house yelling, "eat, eat, eat!"
- He's super shy around girls his age.
- He gets upset if we don't make a meal he likes (this he gets over after we remove the plate from his tornado arms)
- He doesn't like it when I give him hugs and kisses in public.
- He always want to watch TV... or have it on in the background. -- I think he just likes the noise.

To say the least, I'm glad that he's not asking for my car keys. I just can't imagine him looking over the steering wheel. Relax, he has never driven my car before - by himself. Just joking!
Here he is, "nnnnnnnnnnoo".

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