Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blanc Burgers - Review

Blanc Burgers was purchased through Groupon. It was a $20 voucher.

S and I decided to go to Blanc Burgers for our much needed date night. We went there the same night as the Fire show at the Plaza. Parking was absolutely terrible! We seriously spent an hour looking for a parking spot. I was getting so hungry - it was almost 7. lol, I know, 7pm isn't even that late! Our normal dinner time is around 630pm, and if you know me... when I'm hungry... I get angry and sometimes turn green, possibility looking like the Hulk. So, I told S to park further away and we can walk... it's a good way to walk off dinner too right? See, I'm thinking! lol

The wait. oh the wait. It was 40 minutes. So, we didn't really sit down until almost 8pm.  Can you imagine what my angry face looked like when the hostess told me 40-45 minutes?

But... patient ol' me, waited the lovely 40 minutes.

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. I think my mind was more focused on when I'll be eating.

Since I was about to eat the menu, We orderd fries and onion rings first to come out. They came out in cute little shopping carts! Both were delicious! There were two different sauces. One is homemade ketchup, and the other was Chipotle aioli. Both delicious. I like how the homemade ketchup wasn't runny, it's not as good as Heinz, but still pretty darn good. Yes, I love my Heinz ketchup.  There are some places that make their own ketchup and it's super runny.
I ordered the Bison burger, and S ordered the Au Poivre.
I think S's burger was a little too peppery because he'll sometimes start coughing after he takes a bite or two.
I really enjoyed my Bison burger. It was what the waitress recommended.

All in all, I thought the burgers were delicious. I wish mine was a teeny tiny bit pinker. But it was still good. Can't complain!

And of course, we ordered dessert! :)
We ordered the salted caramel shake! DELICIOUS!!! Definitely would go back for that!

The environment was lively, fun and modern decor.

Overall, we had a good time. Good service and good food!

I rate Blanc Burgers: 4.5 out of 5.

We went to the one on the plaza, next time if we decide to go there, we need to make sure there wasn't an event going on! lol

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