Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mother Challenge - Day 5

LOL, I have no idea why it took me this long to realize that I've been typing "day" instead of "week"... oh well, might as well stick with the "day" but you get the idea, right? :)

Happy Mother Challenge - Day 5 -- *snickers*
The next time you want to open your wallet to buy something for one of your children, stop. Ask yourself what your motive is. Do you think your child will love you better because you’re buying him or her the latest game for their Xbox? If you realize that you are doing it to feel better about yourself as a mother, don’t spend the money. Challenge yourself instead by giving your child something more long-lasting. Carve out an evening the two of you can spend together.
Then do a test: see how you feel about life the next day. Chances are excellent that you will feel a deeper sense of satisfaction about life and about yourself.
Spending time (not $$) is the only authentic, lasting way to improve your relationship and make lasting, fulfilling memories with your children.
Remember to focus on providing love, attention and your time. Nothing that you can purchase can come close.

I grew up pretty frugal. We were definitely not rich, but lived by with what we can. I started buying my own school supplies, clothes, etc. the moment I could work. So, saving money and putting it in good use is important to me.
This may come by pretty silly, but my dad would always tell us that if we're going #1, use 2 squares of toilet paper, and we're going #2, then we use 3 squares of toilet paper. This is so instilled in me, that now, I still count the toilet paper, but I thin I now go up to 4 squares! LOL
So, ok... where I am going with this? LOL... no idea, just wanted to share my toilet paper story! haha

I think I do pretty well for this challenge. We have a budget for our kids when we buy for them, like $30 per child for Christmas and $30 for their birthday. I'm sure this will change with the technology and how every one of their friends has this and has that. They do not get presents for small holidays, like Valentine's day or first day of Spring.
There is no denying that I do buy stuff for them when I am out shopping. They are usually craft supplies, like paint, construction paper, coloring books, etc.
I think this challenge is for us to turn off the TV more often (D loves to watch Team UmiZoomi and Super Why) and spend quality time with them.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Meg Meeker, MD's 10 Habits of Happy Mothers - Happy Mother Challenges Click here for my Happy Mother Challenges.

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