Thursday, March 1, 2012

Headband Challenge #2

For the month of February, Art Gallery Fabrics' Challenge is headband and must use yo-yo flowers or twisted flowers.

Someone at work stopped by my desk few months ago and asked if I wanted this peacock hat that they had made for some fashion show.  I really had no idea what I would do with it, but I took it any way. I think you can always reuse something.

This is the hat... picture below is what happened when I ripped it apart trying to find a good feather. The whole time, I literally was making the peacock sound as I was making this headband -- sometimes it was in my head... it's even going on in my head this second. It's not a pleasant sound. If you can imagine the unpleasant sound with my attempt to it, you might laugh, or worse cry.
S was not in the room... and for a good reason too. Click here for a youtube video of a peacock sound if you have never heard it.

I made the twisted flowers mashing a few of the tutorials out there.  I have this weird thing with hot glue guns. I am very timid with it, almost like I am going to literally burn my hand off if I am not careful. Needless to say, this challenge was a challenge for me! Haha! My hand was not burnt off after completing this challenge. I did burn my finger though, good thing it didn't fall off!

All fabrics are from Art Gallery Fabrics. I made a double sided headband using Ivory Double Bloom.  The large twisted flower is in Teal Sparkles, and the small twisted flower is in Evening Showers.

What do you think of my submission?

I want to thank Lori for being my headband model! :)

P.S. Can you help me? Can you please stop by Art Gallery Fabrics' blog and vote for my headband? Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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