Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Mother Challenge - Day 8

I'm totally behind. Sorry!!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed these days.

That cell phone that you keep tethered to your side either rings constantly or it regularly bleats, alerting you to new text messages.  Mail in all it’s forms (email, snail mail and voicemail) demands to be answered immediately.  Then there’s trying to entertain your children while you simultaneously prepare their dinner and run three loads of laundry.  Meanwhile, the dog is poking you, reminding you he needs to go out for a walk while the television blares loudly in the background.
It’s emotional and psychological chaos and it must stop.

Scrutinize your calendar and checkbook.  See how you are living and evaluate whether what you are spending time and money on is really consistent with your priorities and goals.  Make a list of your top 3 priorities as a mother and get out your family calendar and cross off what is standing in the way of you accomplishing these.
Simplicity is the disciplined art of letting go. It means willingly determining that your inner self needs some focus, some paring down and reorganization of priorities. So. Do. It.


So, this sounds familiar, except for the dog part. I also think this is more about time management. What do I want to accomplish by end of the night?

S and I aren't so bad with the phones. We do like to play games on there though. I enjoy reading books on my phone.

Usually we have the same routine. We come home from work. The boys get a small snack. While the TV entertains them, either S or I will start dinner. After dinner, we either go outside for a short walk, bubbles, or if it's snowy or rainy, we just watch a little bit of TV. After that fun stuff, we get ready for bath and then bed.

My schedule. M- F is usually the same as what I just said above. We usually go out to eat Friday night with family.
Saturday: I try to plan something where it takes the boys around town. Last weekend we went to a free event that had trucks and big rigs for the kids to sit in. They had so much fun! This is the day where I wash about 2 to 3 loads of clothes. I wash one load in the morning, then I delay set timer for approximate time when we'll get home from our outting. Then wash another load around dinner.

Sunday: In the morning, we have church. Lunch with family. Nap. This is when I wash the towels. Right after nap I wash bed sheets.

Oh, I forgot to mention. You know all those loads that we washed? We fold them throughout the week. They hang out on our sofa for a bit. Then slowly it makes it to their rightful drawers. Sometimes it takes longer than a week, but it makes it either to the drawer or it's picked out and worn again!

To give you an idea... I cropped a photo of our sofa in the background. I know, it's totally embarrassing!! We have a lot of laundry baskets. I think we have at least five. When anyone is coming over, I throw EVERYTHING in a basket, and hidden from view. Usually in the laundry room, I have to make sure I remember which basket is the clean one! lol

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