Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Losing Keys

I started making key fobs about 4 years ago. This is going to sound silly on why I started making them.

I took a day off from work one Friday. I really don't remember why, I think I had something going on. I thought that I would go to Target, and get a few things. You know, run errands before stores get too busy.
As I walked by the clothing area, I stopped by and looked around, glanced, picked up a few clothes, put it back on the rack, etc... I walked around the grocery side, cleaning supplies, etc. After I was done looking, shopping, I walked to the registers, and realized... oh no! my key! where is it?! At this time, my key was just on a split ring, I usually put it on my finger... it was gone! I had absolutely NO idea where I put it! I was panicking! I back-tracked where I walked, looked at the clothes that I looked at, went through the grocery area, the cleaning supplies, etc... no where. I was totally freaking out at this point. I'm a bit paranoid too, I was thinking the worst... what if someone took the key and is stealing my car RIGHT NOW!... totally not probable, but you never know!... right? lol.

I went to customer service, the lady said they'll let me know when it shows up. I was still panicking. 
So, I called Steve, at least I had my phone on me! He came by with a spare key and I drove home... freaking out to myself. I seriously called that Target like every half an hour! I was sure that they were tired of hearing my voice! 
It was about two hours later, I called again, and they said that they found it. It was hooked onto a hanger! 
The key must have been on my finger, and it slipped onto a hanger. Oh my goodness!

Yes, this is my silly story of losing my key at Target. 

Below is the picture of the fabric I have for the key fob that I am currently using. This is the second key fob that I've used since the crazy panicking moment at Target. Now I have another for all my member cards. They're easy to find in my bag, and I can just put it on my wrist and still have it in my hand. 

Whenever I get the boys from their car seats, I can loop it on my wrist without trying to figure out where to put it (especially if I'm wearing a dress)!

Don't be like me and lose your keys!

From now to April 15, use code "KeyFobs" in the message to seller, and I'll refund 20% of your total key fob purchase!  Don't put it in the Coupon Code, it won't work, make sure you put it in message to seller! I'll refund it after the purchase! I promise!

Buy one for yourself, buy one for your friend, buy one for your mom or sister!  Stop by the shop and pick out your favorites!

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