Wednesday, May 2, 2012

movies and me

I love movies, ones that I can pause so I can go get snacks, ones that I can have closed caption on.
I joked with S yesterday that I wish when I talk to people, there is closed caption under them or at least in my eyeballs and I am the only one that can see them.

You must think I'm strange that I like watching movies/shows/etc. with closed caption. Quick back story, because I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat wondering why I rather read the movie than listen. When my family first came to the States (oh. back in 1988), we did not know a single word of English. Ok, I lied. We knew "Hello". So, when we got our first TV that wasn't the dial knob channel changer (I think this was 1990?), it had closed caption option. We were still struggling on our English. The closed caption really helped with words and understanding what was going on. So, there is my quick and lovely closed caption story. We were totally studying and practicing while we watch movies and cartoons! haha

Alright, let's get back on track here! 

Hmm, where was I? i love movies.... oh yes! So, I only watch comedy, romantic, romantic comedy, and limited sci-fi and drama. I refuse to watch horror, scary, etc. movies - I won't even watch horror comedy.

Now back to another story. *blurs to a flashback* ... 
I remember one weekend, we were watching TV. I think I was in third grade, not sure. Nightmare on Elm Street was on in the afternoon. I told my older brothers that the movie did not scare me. ... of course, I lied to let them know that I was tough like them! That night, I had 3 identical dreams of Freddy banging on the back door on the downstairs level. My brothers watching that movie as I'm trying to get them out of some trance. Yelling at them "Freddy is coming in! Freddy is coming in to !" ... My brothers ignored me. I was screaming, crying, just freaked out! Freddy blows through the door. I run upstairs to my parents, who were cooking at the kitchen stove top. I ran to them, they didn't notice me. But I held their arms and started to pray. ...
that was it. that's my dream. I honestly do not remember a single thing about Nightmare on Elm Street. But I remember the dream like I had it last night. 
I still get freaked out [a little bit] when I see Freddy. So, don't be posting Freddy's picture around!
LOL. But I do want to post this picture of Freddy. It's pretty cool.

picture source

I get very involved in my movies. I would pick it apart, and everything means something. I would be like, so-and-so looked like this and looked in that direction and it must mean this. Yes, I literally get into the movie. If I like and get involved enough, I'd think about the movie for a month straight, and find books about it.  I pick the movie apart. If there is a part where they didn't really explain, it ruins it for me. - unless it's some mindless action or comedy.

But I'll usually just start reading the book. I cannot read the book before movie, no matter how much I love the book before I saw the movie. I will literally pick the movie apart, and basically not let myself enjoy it.

Example: I read The Devil Wears Prada awhile years ago. I liked the book. I saw that some cable channel was playing the movie. So I started to watch it. I literally stopped watching it the first 10 minutes. The boyfriend didn't even have the same name from the book!  I couldn't watch it. I couldn't stand it! I was so annoyed that I don't even want to enjoy the book if I read it again. Yes, I'm strange.

So, my new obsession is period pieces. I think it started with Gone with the Wind. I watched the movie back in my younger days, and just love it, and still do. 

Then I got into Emma series on Masterpiece. LOVE Romola Garai as Emma. 
picture source

I'm loving Downton Abbey from Masterpiece.  Anxiously waiting for the new season to start! Who else loves Downton Abbey?
picture source

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