Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Bowling Set

DIY Kids Bowling

You know these little puffs that babies eat?
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You probably have seen the Gerber brand too. We just purchased the Up&Up brand from Target for our boys when they were little

Well, it wasn't until Child #1 was older that I had the idea to keep the containers! I think I had about 3. I kept them in the pantry, it sat there for a long time! Then with Child #2, I kept them. I kept total of 12. Now, Child #2 is almost 2, and he has not been eating those puffs for a long time now. I figured it's time to do something with them now (finally).

Last weekend, I finally went to the pantry (it was getting a little messy), took the containers and rinsed them.
I purchased some colored electrical tape from Walmart for $3.97.

I taped the lid to the container with the white electrical tape so it wouldn’t pop off.

Then I tapped the red tape about quarter inch below the white tape, another red stripe about half an inch below the first red stripe, I just made sure that the whole width of the tape was not completely in the concave part of the container.

I had a little help too. Child #2 was determined to get these open! No puffs in here honey!

The red tape was just enough for all 10 containers! Yay! Perfect!

We got a ball that would light up if you bounce it hard enough from Target for $3. We thought it would be fun with the ball lighting up as you bowl.
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Child #2 just wants to knock them down every time I set it up. He laughed and got pretty excited when he knocked them all down! 

Child #1 would sit 2 ft from the pins to bowl. (oh and please ignore the terrible loveseat fabric cover)

Bowling is still a concept we’ll need to figure out. We’ll have to work on it. :)

Such an easy way to reuse the baby puffs containers!!

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