Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Party, a month late

Child #2's birthday was exactly a month ago. I never planned a birthday party because someone was always getting sick.
So just last week, I said, we're doing a family birthday party for Child #2 this Sunday!

That is exactly what happened. S made roasted pulled pork on the grill (delicious, and I usually don't like these things from restaurants). and we made banana cupcakes with decorated them chocolate icing with nilla wafers.

We didn't do anything fancy, just a family get together for Child #2.

for the monkeys:
whatever cupcakes you want to use. we just chose to do banana cupcakes.

dark frosting, we used milk chocolate

mini nilla wafers (cut them in half, don't try to break them, or you'll be eating most of the box from them breaking apart) - you can also see the top left where i didn't cut them, and they don't look as cute as the ones that were cut for the ears.

regular nilla wafers

Red and Black Piping gels. for the nose, use toothpick.

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