Friday, September 7, 2012

How to turn pant hangers into chip clips

Who like stale chips?!

I do know that I don't think they're very awesome.

I had a lot of pant hangers from getting new clothes for the boys. And obviously, we needed some chip clips!

First, let's get our supplies and tools.
1. hangers.
2. some kind of utility scissors. I found these in the tool box. 
3. lighter or matches

 Then grab the pant hanger, cut where you see the dashed line in the picture below

 cut cut!

Now, we need to get rid of all the sharp points! Don't want to be hurting ourselves when we have an urge to eat some chips!
Not sure if you'd believe me because the next picture is totally awesome. I mushed camera between my chin and collar bone to take this picture (and the one above).  Awesome, huh?

 You probably want to blow out the fire when it's melting like crazy.

The plastic may still be hot. I laid the clip down to the opposite side (where I didn't melt the plastic), or you can lay it on a glossy magazine cover.


Pretty awesome, huh?

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