Monday, October 1, 2012

New Items and discount code

At my day job, we are required to have an ID to go to the offices/rooms. The lanyards that they had given us wasn't very comfortable on my neck, especially when I wear non-collar shirts.
I decided to sew together a lanyard. I made myself a green one. I call it... the Green Lanyard. LOL, you know, like Green Lantern. Ohhhh... I'm so cheesy! Anyway, I tested it out for a few weeks before I decided to make more to sell.

I'm very excited to introduce my new items for the shop! Fabric lanyards! I offer two different lengths. Short and long.

I use cotton fabric with a light interfacing, and attached a metal steel swivel hook to it.

The approx. dimension of the short of the fabric is about 16 - 17" and the fabric of the long is about 21 - 22"
The swivel hook is about 2"

I will be posting new lanyards all this month!

Now for the discount!!
For the month of October, Save 10% on your purchase of listed lanyards when you post "Green Lantern" in the 'message to seller'! Since Etsy doesn't do coupon codes for certain sections of my shop, I'll just have to send you the partial refund you after the fact. I know, it's a pain, but I want to give you a discount! *the fine print that is not so tiny -- discount is only for listed lanyards, does not apply to custom orders of lanyards*

Check out the shop to see what I have in stock now!

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