Sunday, August 1, 2010

When does he come home?

The hospital gave me a boarding room after the 48 hours that insurance allow for new mothers. The boarding room is for 72 hours. I'm only here as a boarder, not a patient. This is a free room for mothers with children in NICU. I'm incredibly grateful for the room.
While C is in the NICU, and I have the opportunity to be so close to him. I take full advantage of it.

Since he was in NICU from the beginning, I had to pump to get my milk to come in. It was difficult and emotional. The constant pumping every 3 hours of nothing for a couple days really made me want to give up. But the lactation consultant kept telling me not to give up.
I did not get to have C come to the breast for feeding until the second day. He did so well! I was so proud of him! We both had a little hard time trying to keep the nipple in his mouth. His tongue would constantly push it out. In the end, he did really well.
My milk did finally come in toward the end of the third day. It does really make a difference when I have C with me.

Today, C is five days old. I'm already anxiously waiting for him to come home! I asked the nurse on what he needs to be doing or improve on for him to come home.
1. he needs to be gaining weight
2. maintain a good healthy temperature.
3. good oxygen intake
4. be able to sleep in a crib

(i think that's it).

So, he lost weight, but it's common for babies to lose weight the first week.
His temperature has been going up and down, but I think it's becoming steady now.
he's breathing well... and they haven't moved him to a crib yet.

I've been going to feed him every three hours. I've only missed two feedings. I've been running about 4 - 5 hours a sleep a day. I have spent only about 1 hour (if that) with S or D each day. It's been really difficult for all of us. I miss my family very much.
D has not met his brother yet. Since D is still little, doesn't want to be still, both S and I think it is best that D does not go in to the NICU.

To me, this is all worth it. The lack of sleep, not being able to be with S and D. I feel that baby C needs me to be here with him.

We're anxiously waiting for C to do what he needs to do to come home soon.

Today is the last day of boarding. All the nurses know that I've been there for every feeding, and one called the charge nurse to see if I can stay longer. I can, and I'm very grateful for them letting me.

I'm praying that C will get better soon and be with his family.

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