Friday, July 30, 2010

Up until now.

This blog is basically about my family and myself. Whatever challenges that we will face and overcome, we'll be doing it together.

What has been going on lately? Well, ...

My husband and I were due for our second child, C, on September 7, 2010. We are both super excited!

We were all so busy this month of July. We had just moved to our new house on Tuesday, July 20th. On Friday, it was a typical weekday morning, our 18 month son, D, woke up early. S went to get him out of his crib and laid him on the bed with us. D rolled around the bed and playing while we were laying down. S got up to start getting ready for the day. I sat up and was about to change D's diaper. As gravity does to any pregnant woman, I told S that I needed to pee so he can watch D for a little bit. But this time, I noticed some small leakage on the bed as I was about to get up. I knew that I did not pee. I told S that I think my water broke. So I went to the bathroom, thinking maybe I just really had to go.
I went back to the bed where D was, and it just didn't feel right. I went to the bathroom again, this time, I knew I was NOT peeing but I was still leaking. The water was almost clear.

My water broke. It must have! I started to get nervous. We weren't ready at all! Most (or all) of everything were still in boxes! I barely had finished packing our hospital bag before the move! As S called his parents for them to watch D. I called my parents, crying. Emotions rushed over me. All I could think of was We're not ready to have this baby! I'm only 33 weeks, he cannot be coming this quickly! We grabbed what we can. I called the clinic for them to have the on-call doctor call me back.
We were going to the hospital!

We waited maybe an hour for someone to check me out. The on-call midwife checked me out, and basically told me that I had an infection, bacterial vaginosis. My water did not break. I asked about the symptoms, which I did not have any of those. I asked why I am still leaking, if it's just an infection. She said it was common that I would leak, even in high quantities.
So, she sent us on our way, and made a doctor's appointment to check this infection out on Tuesday. I was on bed rest.

At 4pm, I told S that this just doesn't seem right. I had to wear night time menstrual pads so I'm not soaking through my pants. I would leak the most when the baby moves. It just doesn't seem like an infection to me at all, especially when I didn't have any of the symptoms. I called the doctor's office, and wanted to see my doctor. I don't want to see a mid-wife. I just don't believe her.
I didn't want to wait until Tuesday leaking. It's a Friday, and what if my water did break, what happens if I did wait until Tuesday? I can't call up my doctor the next day. No one 'works' over the weekend. I needed to know for sure.

My doctor's nurse tells me that my doctor is delivering a baby. She told me to remove the pad to see how much I am leaking because the pad doesn't really let me know. She'll call me back in 15 minutes. She called me back saying that I needed to go to the hospital.

We got there about 530pm. We waited around in the Triage room. My doctor finally arrived at 9pm. She checked me out. I was 80% effaced, about 2cm dilated, about -2 station.
She didn't think it's an infection, and that my water could be broken. She's unsure because it was such low flow. She also said she thought the flow is so low because of the baby being so low. She didn't feel comfortable sending me home when she wasn't 100% sure. She had me stay over night, and wanted me talk to the perinatologist and to have him do an ultrasound to check out the fluid.

The perinatologist came in Saturday morning, yep... indeed. My water did break. Since I was only 33 weeks, they gave me steroid shots to help speed up the baby's lungs/guts/brain development. They also gave me antibiotics to fight off any bacteria for the broken membrane. They wanted me to wait to have the baby until the steroids take affect. They estimated that the baby will weight around 4lbs 6oz.
I was going to be 34 weeks when they do start taking affect. Keeping the baby in as long as possible was what we wanted.
Even with my water being broken, I had no contractions.

It was decided that I was going to be induced Tuesday morning, July 27th.

They wheeled me to the labor/delivery room at 6am on Tuesday. Pitocin started at 630am. The pitocin did a lot to speed up the contractions. I was in pain when the pitocin started to drip at 4. The contractions got closer from 5 minutes to 3 minutes within 30-45 minutes. I requested an epidural, crying with pain. I started not to feel the contractions at 1030am.

I was worn out from the pain. Napped a bit while the bottom half of my body started to grow numb.

I was ready to push at 1140am.

C arrived at 1218am. He was small, but not 4 lbs. He came out weighing 5 lbs 1.2 oz.
The rush of emotions when I heard him cry... S and I looked at him and felt to blessed that he's here with us.

I didn't get to hold him right after like I did with D. The NICU team whisked him away. Before the took C away, my doctor made sure that I had a good look at C. All I could think of when I saw him was how much I love him.

Here's to an adventure of learning about premature baby.

We didn't really get to hold C until the day after he was born. It was really difficult to see him in the warmer with all sorts of tubes and wires. But we also understand that he's in good hands.

I do not know much about premature babies. So, here is to us having an adventure learning.

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