Saturday, June 18, 2011

toddler pillow cover

Currently our 2.5 yr old has a 12x12 pillow, it's getting a little small for him. So, I stopped by Joann's over lunch one day, and picked up a 16x12 pillow.
Since I was making pillow covers, I decided to make a couple for a co-worker's (Lori) toddler since we've been talking about pillows.

Here is a quick tutorial. This should take less than 1 hour. I did four in about 2 hours. This pillow case cover is what I call "envelope" cover. I'll be taking photos tomorrow of D with his pillow to give you a size reference.

Here are the supplies that you need:
21" of fabric (I used blue minky, Lori went with flannel)
16"x12" pillow

I usually have the sales rep cut a little larger, just in case they don't cut straight.

Step 1: For your pillow, cut 19" x approx. 31". I say approx. 31" because some people like larger hems, and some like smaller hems. So, it's really up to you.
Step 2: Hem the two shorter sides. I usually hem it 1/2".
Step 3: With the right side facing you, fold the 9" side first (this is the side that you will see). Then fold the 8" side second. Just make sure that you have 11.75" in the middle. Why 11.75" instead of 12" because that's the size of the pillow? You can have it 12", but I noticed that when I do 12" instead of 11.75", the pillow cover looks "saggy". And I like a nice tight cover for my toddler, and not bunching up fabric when he lays on it. This is all preference too. If the extra .25" doesn't bother you, go right ahead! Don't worry, I wouldn't even know if you did decide to add the .25" ;)Step 4: The fabric is all folded and it is inside out. Mark your lines of 15.75" I usually just make sure there is 15.75" in the middle. I usually don't measure out from the sides because the minky fabric is quite stretchy. I just make sure I smooth it out from the middle.
The 15.75" is the same reason as above for the 11.75".
Step 5: Stitch the marked lines. I usually double stitch the overlaps of fabrics. I'm pretty hard on these things, so, I want to make sure that I don't break a stitch when I'm stuffing the pillow in.

Step 6: Turn the fabric inside out, and voila! You have your pillow cover!!

Here are the pillow covers that I made for Lori's daughter.

D with his pillow, as he's watching Umizoomi.

Let me know if you have any questions!  If you make one, two, or more; take pictures! I would love to see them!!!

Please use this pattern for your personal use.

If you don't have time or know how to sew, you can now purchase a pillow cover now in my shop!

If you found this tutorial helpful, please take the time to let me know by leaving me a comment. Your comments give me the encouragement to continue creating for you!


  1. I have to say that your instructions for the toddler pillow cover are the best I have found online. (I searched like a demon, too!) Thank you so much for sharing. I have made three for my son and they have stood up to many washings and the toddler treatment.

    1. I'm so flattered and so happy that the tutorial worked out for you and your son! :D



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