Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday

I think I'm going to try [or attempt] to do this every Friday. I'm really trying to be a better blogger.

I'm going to list 5 things that made me happy this week.  If you know me, it is incredibly difficult for me since I seriously forget what I eat the day before...

So, here is goes.

1. D (Child #1) not going to bed (sometime this week). I think it was 9pm, it was late for the little guy. We tucked him in like 3 times already. We didn't notice him until he was at his last couple steps on the stairs. His last step had a huge grin. He ran straight to S's leg. and hugged him. D knew he was suppose to be in bed. He was so cute! I picked him up, and I said, "do you know who is suppose to be in bed?" He looked at me and smiled and buried his face into my shoulder. That made me smile/happy.
I'm combining this one with D's Halloween. It's his first Halloween where he's excited to go trick or treating.

2. Grandma K. It was last week when we found out she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was such a shock. She was perfectly fine and it suddenly happened. We saw her on Monday. S and I went by the hospice. It was such a sad moment... watching her laying there. We talked to her for a little bit. I mostly cried. The happy moment was when I got to tell her how much we loved her before she became non-responsive later this week. She's so special in our lives.

3. C (Child #2). I think D and C are going to be in on my list every week. lol. As much as I love to hold him, he only wants me to hold him all the time. If S holds him, he'll reach out toward me and sometimes cry or wiggle out of S's arms. There is not a moment where I can set him down. IF I do, he'll get right back up... cry as he do it of course, and follow me with his tears. why did you have to set me down momma? ... well deary, momma has to go pee.  It makes me happy that he wants me to hold him. ... I know he won't want me to hold him when he's 18.

4. I haven't been feeling very well. Not like I'm deathly sick or anything. My tongue has been swelling, not like allergies, and it feels like I burnt it or something. Which I didn't. I haven't eaten anything unusual. So, it's been like this since last week. I've been super stressed out about it because I've really lost my appetite. It hurts my tongue to eat... and i love to eat. This whole situation has made me unhappy.
Here's the happy part. :) My doctor who is extremely busy. extremely. I called to her nurse to let her know what's going on. My doctor later had the nurse call me to tell me to come in. So, I'm waiting on the patient's table/bed thing. My doctor comes in and I feel bad. because I know she's busy. So, I tell her that I know "she's busy and all." She cuts me off [probably because she's busy! I wasn't offended that she cut me off from my sentence], and says, "We are totally booked today.  But we like you. So, I wanted to see what's going on and have you come in."
So, I'm happy because my doctor likes me. LOL. So lame, isn't it?

5. used my picture that I took when S and I went on our babymoon (when I was pregnant with D) to San Diego. I didn't realize that I was such a good photographer. lol

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