Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Dream House

I've always dreamed of a nice lake house ...
Today, I changed my mind.


This is the house. ... when we retire.

This house was built by Simon Dale with his family and friends in Wales.

I love how it's part of a hill. It's low-impact, and just a really cozy home.

The plan is really simple. I wish he had drew grade lines. I'd like to know the grade of the hill.

What's taking you so long? Com' on! Let's go in!

Oooo!!! Ahhhh!!!!
Look at the light coming in! It's a miniature Panteon! Beautiful!

It's like it right out of Lord of the Rings! So cozy!!!

I'm going to say that the fire looks a little fake.
But it's still lovely (the room, not fire).

Interesting section cut.

Overall, it's pretty cool huh?


  1. Great house, well, more like a pod. Especially the Greenhouse and big oval back window. You have to really want to snuggle up with the whole family ( remember, there may be 5 of you) all day,



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