Monday, December 12, 2011

Shawnee Mission Hyundai - Car Detailing - Review

Back in May, there was a Groupon for Car Detailing for $90. I thought this would be nice since the kids and I get the car pretty dirty.
I went in about 8am, and I was a bit confused since I have never been there before. No one greeted me. I walked in to the rectangular space, and everyone "looked" busy. I told them what I was there for, I cleaned out my car while the service rep. was getting info/paperwork ready.
Scott, the service rep, says that it'll take 8 hours, which I was okay with.
They shuttled me to my work.
They called me at 230pm to let me know that my car was ready.

A co-worker dropped me off around 430pm. I walked in the service area. Again, no one acknowledge me. Scott turns around after about almost a minute (which is a long time when all three guys not looking at you when you walk in their office), and looks at me as he never helped me. I'm sure they see lots of people, but I think it was the demeanor that turned me off. He went to get my car.
The car looked nice, but they left a lot of the oil. Everywhere I touched, I needed to wipe my hands because of the oil. I left my tweezers and nail clipper in one of the cubbies (yes, I have tweezers and nail clippers in my car), but the tweezers were missing. I may need to dig in the bags of junk that I cleaned up. I'm sure it's in there.

The car looked nice, they cleaned it very well. I just wish the wiped the excess oil off.

Overall, I rate Shawnee Mission Hyundai's Car Detailing - 3 of out 5.
It's the service that set them back for me (both times).

P.S. I just want to make it clear that I am not paid for any of the vouchers. We purchase them as we need/want them, and I write reviews for them. I started this because I never seem to find reviews for these places or services. If you have a different experience, please feel free to comment. Not everyone has the same opinions.

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