Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Friday

I really don't have much of an excuse for my late Happy Friday. lol

1. D (Child #1) was in the Church play last Sunday (Dec 4). When we heard that we needed to have them wear a box, so that they could look like presents. We were not sure how D would react to it.
We wrapped the box in Darth Vader/Yoda wrapping paper. He was so excited to wear it!
2. C (Child #2) got a hair cut! [finally]  We save his hair and ship it to my Aunt in Taiwan to make calligraphy brushes.  Since this is his first hair cut, the ends have a fine point and not blunt... perfect for brushes.

3. S and I took Friday (Dec. 9) off so we can have a 'date day'. We got the kids ready for daycare, dropped them off. Ran errand at Target, and... well, came home and cleaned house. lol, not much of a 'Date'. I really enjoy spending time with him.

4.  My work had the company holiday party at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday. S and I had a really good time!            

5. Almost forgot this major break through. D has a hard time when we drop him off at Sunday School, so one of us usually just stays with him through out the whole thing. On Saturday, Dec 3, our church had a Santa's Workshop... where there are activities for the kids to do.  S and I volunteered to help with the seven 8-yr-olds. We had to leave D at his group. It was difficult because he cried a bunch at the beginning, ... I had to sit him down and tell him that he needs to let himself have a good time and not rely on us. So, after about 10 minutes of crying (and some screaming)... he did. He let himself have a good time. It was so nice to see him have fun without hanging onto one of us. It was a major break through for him. It really made S and me happy that he was having fun.

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