Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday

1. BBQ in Williamsburg, KS -- Sunday was my MIL's birthday. She wanted to go to this place in Williamsburg, KS. Unfortunately, they were closed on Sundays. We went on Saturday. It was about an hour drive... it was very nice that the speed limit went up to 75mph! S and I (along with the kids) have never been there, let alone Williamsburg, KS! I really wasn't sure what to expect. It's a small town, that's all I know! We arrived at Guy & Mae's Tavern around 6pm. It was packed! I think it was the only place that was open on that main street! We had ribs, of course, and it was pretty good! We had a good time! C LOVED the potato salad. When it was done, he used his turkey (from his sandwich) to get the rest of the salad out. I was surprise for his 18 months of age that he was clever to do that. Kids surprise me all the time. He was a bit upset, so Grandma suggested to give him her cole slaw. The moment i put it in his mouth, he could not get it out quick enough! Needless to say, he threw a fit... until another side of potato salad came out for him.

2. C's (Child #2) 5 new teeth - they all pushed out this week! 4 molars, 1 canine. Yay ... and Poor guy.

3. My submission to Spoonflower for "outdated technology".

4. Mandy from iamthemandy was selling zippers for cheap! Yes, this totally made my week. lol

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