Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Mother Challenge - Day 3

Happy Mother Challenge - Day 3

"This is your gentle invitation to start a conversation with yourself about God.  Start paying attention to the spiritual dimension of your life, praying about it if you feel called to do so, raising questions and seeking out the answers to them.   Don’t be afraid of religion and spirituality if you’ve never explored it before. Baby steps are better than no steps at all.
Tap into your heart of hearts and listen. That’s all."
Spirituality is always a hard topic to talk about. I am not shy to tell you that I am a Christian. I grew up in the Living Stream Ministries, as Steve and I got married, we now go to Community of Christ. 
I know that some people have issues with different denominations. Are we not all praying to the same God?

I do think this is a good challenge for me. Sometimes I forget that prayers can be so easy. I can pray during my drive to work instead of listening to talk radio (yes, i love talk radio). I forget that God is all around me, and I can talk to Him any where.

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