Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First 10k

I completed my first goal for 2012.

I ran my first 10k on Sunday at the TLC Groundhog Run.  FYI: 10 k = 6.2 miles

A picture of me and the groundhog :)

It was held in the caves, there are businesses in these caves. It's neat. the temperature is controlled.

I definitely didn't train as much as I wanted to. I only ran 4 some miles, but not more than that.  I actually really wanted to run 5 miles before the race. But... life happens, weather doesn't work out, I get lazy, or I rather eat some ice cream than go running.

I just thought I could "coast" the rest of the way after the 4 miles.

At the race, super crowded! It was sold out! I convinced Steve and the kids to come. The kids didn't have much of a say, but I'm sure they were thrilled to sit in a stroller for an hour in a crowded space!

My run started out slow, I wanted to pace myself. I thought things were going well. I had my headphones on with my favorite pop music. I didn't push myself too much, like I would for 5ks. Around 3 miles, I ran over some water, and splattered it on the back of my legs. I don't like things on me when I run, I don't even like the ear buds, but I keep them in to keep myself motivated with music. So, all I could think about was this water that splashed on me and where the water have been, who has run over it with their shoes, am I going to have water marks on my pants, etc... useless thoughts, but I think it kept my mind off of being tired.
As I got to 4 miles, I was thinking, oh, this isn't too bad. I'm surviving, I just need to "coast"
I think at 5 miles, they didn't have a marker (or at least I didn't see it) I was thinking, This is IT!!! Speed like the wind!!! It's your last mile and .2!!! Don't give up Nicole!
At 5.5 miles (I think), OMG, is this over yet!? I think I walk faster than my limpy hands and arms slow semi-jog.
6 miles, When is this mile ever going to end?! Am I just continuously running and the miles are getting longer?!
6.1 miles... The light at the end of the tunnel is coming! I can hear the crowd... I can do this... I can do this...

I sprinted the last bit so I can make it to the finish line! ... I was so glad it was over, but when it was over... I was thinking, that wasn't too bad, right?  hahaha.

Met half of my goals. I did run the whole way, but I did not run it in an hour or less.
My results: 1:04:41

I survived... and now.... on to the half-marathon training!!!

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