Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday

I totally forgot about last week's Happy Friday. Oops!

So, I'm going to try to remember and combine what I can.

1. I bought myself a ticket to see Amy Butler in May. I am super duper super excited!

2. My conversation with D (child #1) one cloudy morning in the car taking the boys to daycare:
D: where is the sun?
Me: it's hiding behind the clouds.
D: what are the clouds and sun doing?
Me: I don't know
D: what are they eating?
Me: I don't know, what are they eating?
D: chicken nuggets, yummy yummy chicken nuggets.

3. C's (child #2) been teething (again and still), poor little guy. He just makes me laugh. He'll do things that he's not suppose to do, like drink his brother's juice (especially if he's not feeling well). I'll say, "C!" ... and he'll drop whatever he is doing, and start strolling away like he did nothing wrong. When I say strolling, I mean strolling. He'll walk with his hands back, and walk and not look at you this whole time. Then after he strolls away, he'll stroll back and do something else.

4. S had an extra monitor that he didn't want (I don't remember why he didn't want it, I think it was not a good one or something like that), so, it's been sitting in the closet. On Wednesday, he helped me put it together with my laptop! Now I have dual monitors!!! Yay!

5. It snowed here in Kansas City Monday morning (13th). D (child #1) ran to our room and said "It's winter time! It's winter time!"

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