Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Pest Management - Review

We had such a warm winter. Since Spring is here gracing us with beautiful weather, you might notice that there are more bugs than usual that want to enjoy that weather with you, sometimes with you in your home, enjoying your air conditioned home.

We have used American Pest Management for about four years, I think almost five now.
Renee is usually the one on the phones, she's very friendly and I think she knows all the customers!

They have competitive prices.
What I like the most is that they always send the same person that comes to our house to spray our house, and I like this because I don't like having random person in my house every time. Marty is the guy that comes to our home. He's super friendly and just a really nice guy and I trust him when he walks around our house. I don't feel like I have to follow him around. Marty comes out every 3 months for a routine spray.

There are times where some bugs would sneak in our house a month or two after Marty visits. If it's bad, I just call and let them know. Marty would come back and check on the bugs. Check out their guarantee policy. Hands down, that's pretty awesome.

We had some spider issues lately. I do NOT like spiders. They freak me out, I was not always like this. I think I started getting freaked out after getting married, because I have a tough man to kill my spiders now! Haha! Anyway, back to the point, Marty would come back and check out our place. Sometimes we try to get the spider to get in a sandwich bag so Marty and let us know if it's a dangerous spider. We are in the Midwest, which is where most brown recluse live. I freak out more now that I have kids.

Back in 2009, there was this weird animal hanging out at my parents' place. Here's the picture that they took.

My parents love to take care of their garden. I sent them some pictures that my parents took, and they went out to my parents' yard and the neighbors' to find any sighting of this animal, for free. Yes, they took the time to look for this animal for free. They said it was a gopher. After the visit, they e-mailed me and said that they were unable to locate any nesting sites. And to contact them for price if they start burrowing in my parents' yard. This incident just really impressed me that they took the time to go out and look. In the end, my parents started to notice less of the gopher, and then it disappeared... weird, huh?

I HIGHLY recommend American Pest Management for all your pests issues.
They have coupons on their website too if you want to give them a try!

So, if you're looking for a good exterminator in the Kansas City, Wichita, and Manhattan area, you should call American Pest Management.

I was not paid, compensated for this review. This review is completely my own opinion, good and/or bad.
If you had a different opinion, please feel free to comment on the post.

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