Friday, May 11, 2012

The Right Choice

I watched this video couple nights ago.

This video has really touched me. I cried throughout the whole video.
You can see her emotions change with each paper she shows. I admire and adore her and her beautiful son.

This is my first ‘political’ post.  You know how they always tell you to never talk about politics and religion. Well, here I am talking about it.  Obviously, this is my blog where I share opinions about everything, so if you don’t agree. I am perfectly okay with that. We don't have to agree on everything, and I'll still care about you.

I grew up in a family where it is okay to have an abortion. If a girl cannot (or ‘should not’) have a child, then for the girl’s and saving ‘face’ for the girl and/or family to abort the child. I grew up thinking this is okay.  When I married Steve, I still thought the same thing. I actually did not want any children.  We won’t get into that right now, it’s for another day. S wanted children, and knew this about me. After a couple years, I knew in my heart that I wanted a child. I wanted to share the moments of raising a child with the love of my life.

We decided to start trying. Couple months later, we found out we were pregnant. As all pregnancy checks, my doctor asked me if I wanted to check if the baby is “okay”, making sure there are no birth defects and such. S and I thought about this, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I want a “normal” and healthy child. S said no to the procedure. I asked him if he would still want the baby if the baby was not “normal”. He looked at me, almost shocked, and said, “I would love our baby regardless.”  We decided not to go with the procedure.

During an ultrasound at 16 weeks, D had at least 4 white specks in his brain. This definitely did not sit well with us. We were worried thinking the worst. Our doctor assured us that many times the white specks will go away, and if it not, then they will carefully monitor the baby and into childhood. We were still stressed.  Then at 30 weeks, I started to bleed. Not just a little spotting, but enough that I had to use a pantiliner.  You can imagine how Steve and I felt. This was about 8pm, we called the on-call doctor, and she told me not to worry and to only call if I bleed enough to use a pad. We did another ultrasound when the clinic opened the next day. D was healthy, nothing was wrong. The bleeding was from the placenta ripped from the walls of the uterus.

Exactly at 39 weeks, D came out healthy, screaming, and our’s.

I believe that the moment that I had D, and held him in my arms… I knew at that moment I cannot imagine my life without D, regardless if he is “normal” or not. I really felt that God created D, and having me raise him to be a God-man. I pray every night that both my boys will grow to be good, respectful, and a lover of Christ.

Now, as for abortion, I do not believe I would have gone through it. S wouldn’t have let me if I wanted to. His love for me and our children is so strong that when I think about his love I can feel my heart overfill with love.

I do have friends that have had abortions.  I can tell them that they should not do it, that they should really reconsider, and that I’m sad for them. I know that it was a difficult and stressful decision, but I would still be sad for what they have to go through. I do not judge them for making a choice that I would not have ever made. I am not the one to judge how you want to do things. It is not my place to judge you and my neighbor. But I am sad that they had to go through that kind of decision.

God gave us choices to make in our lives. I can tell God, you, and everyone in the world that I have done some really stupid things in the past and that I hope God can forgive me. I have asked God’s forgiveness, but there are days where I still have not forgiven myself. We all make bad decisions; it’s just learning from it and uses these mistakes as a reminder to be smarter next time.

If you have agreed with me up to this point, you may not agree with me now, because I know S does not agree with me. I do not agree that the government should ban abortion, government should only ban late term abortion. Why? God gave us these decisions to make, whether they are good or bad, he gave us these decisions. I also think the government should stay out of our lives. If banning this choice, is government controlling us?
Are we making our own decisions? Our own mistakes? I may ask you what if your child becomes the next genius, Pulitzer Prize winner, inventor, etc?  Would you have known if you never had that unborn child?

I do believe these abortion clinics should inform the mother with what they are really doing. Let them listen to the heartbeats; let them see their unborn child’s hands, the feet, etc. Clinics should give them an option of adoption.  I believe this should be mandatory.  There are so many parents that cannot have one of their own, and would do anything to have a baby to call their own.  There are always options.  Abortion is not always the best or the right one.

Here is another video. This fills my heart with joy. Go Team Hoyt!

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