Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy busy busy

Oh dear. It’s been a busy week… let’s say, it’s been a busy May. Can’t believe June is here! How did it get here so fast?!
So yes, it’s been a busy May. Child #2 had gotten strep last week. So, I hightailed everyone in the family to the doctor’s to check if anyone else had gotten strep too. Nope, just Child #2.  But I did get antibiotics from my doctor to make sure that I won’t get it. While he had strep, I have been coughing like crazy. I seriously thought I had caught something! I didn’t feel sick, no fever, nothing, just lots and lots of coughing. So much that I’d wake up every hour at night.
So while I had been coughing, during the Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Colorado for Steve’s grandmother’s memorial service.  It was really nice to see everyone, and get to know some a little better. We drove to Colorado in one day. It took 10 – 11 hours. The night before we left, S went and got a portable DVD player with two screens for the boys because we’re pretty sure they’d get antsy in the car for that long. It definitely got them glued to the screen.
While in Colorado, we stayed at his aunt’s house, and I seriously woke everyone up with my coughing. S says it sounds like a bad smoker with lung cancer cough. I’m thrilled.
Overall, Memorial weekend went well… the boys couldn’t wait to get out of the strapped in seatbelts! I don’t blame them.
I went to the doctor’s on Tuesday for the smoker’s cough, … no sickness. Just really really really really bad allergies. I normally take OTC allergy meds, but none of them works for me. Now, I am on prescription allergy meds. I don’t have asthma either, but I have an inhaler to calm my coughing.  Yes, yes, I am that person in the work place where I always show up to work sick. Hey! I’m not sick! Really!!!
I’ve been losing quite a bit of sleep because of this coughing. 
We left the house a mess when we left for Colorado, now it’s taking us forever to keep up with laundry, cleaning… bah!!!

If you didn’t see on Facebook, I was lottery picked to gift Trista Sutter.  I still have not made the yet! I know! I’m terrible! I MUST ship it out by June 8 to meet the deadline!
AND I have a show this Saturday, I haven’t made enough to fill my table! AHH!

Ok, thanks for listening reading me vent. I appreciate it. :) 

Here’s a picture of the boys snoozing on the way home from Colorado. I call it synchronized snoozing.

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