Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quilt Market

My first time to the International Quilt Market have been such a delight! I would love to go again in October and then in May... but most likely I'll wait until it comes back to Kansas City again.

So, I definitely learned some newbie mistakes, like totally forgetting a pen/pencil. I had plenty of paper, but nothing to write it with! Ugh. Hunting one down was not all that pleasant. Everyone seemed to only have brought one. Oh well. Another is definitely buy a rolling case. My back was so achy from carrying so much.
Another, I must take more photos next time.  Yes, it's true, I didn't take as much photos as I should have. I'll have to do it next time! I think I get so excited that I forget, and I get in such an awe with these awesome people that my mind goes blank!

First I was excited to see was Vanessa from V & Co. I thought she was pretty from her photos and videos, and she's really beautiful in person. It's true that I think I have a girl crush on her. hahaha.

I saw an opportunity to take a picture with Darth Vader and Chewy... How could I resist? Thank you to Camelot Design Studio for having them there! Such a delight!

It was pretty awesome to see Nancy from Sewing with Nancy there. I think she's so fun, I enjoyed her personality! Did you know that it's her 30th anniversary of being on PBS?! How awesome is that? Creating and sharing with everyone about sewing on television for 30 years! That's so cool!

 Oh yes, let's not forget about me finally getting a picture with Amy Butler! See previous post here about my nerves. Do not ask me why I look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

I saw Joel Dewberry's booth the first day, but didn't see him. I just thought maybe he wasn't going to be at the show. So, I went back again the next day, really just to go through all the booths again to see if I missed anything.  Then I saw Joel. Not only do I love his work, he's super sweet. I'm such a one track mind person... because all I thought about was getting a picture taken with him and go. He was trying to chat with me after the picture, it totally caught me off guard. Awkward or not, he's still awesome in my book.

I also got to meet Kellie Wulfsohn of Don't Look Now Quilts. She's super talented, and such a sweetheart! You can tell that we'd totally be best buds in this photo!  Yep, most definitely. She's pretty awesome.

The talented Kay Whitt! I cannot wait to make some of her dress patterns! Both her husband and her are so cute! Definitely double date worthy couple!

I have more, but I hate using flash for my photos... so, many most turned out blurry. Bummer. Better camera next time. Ahem. Ohh Honey!!! hahaha!

I plan on having patterns up on my suppose-to-be-destash shop. Since going to this quilt market, it really made me want to do this "destash" stop full-time! Okay, so it's turning out to be not a destash any more, but it could be... it's me purchasing all these things and I want to destash them from my closet to your craft table! Yeah! That's it! I know, I'm totally rolling my eyes as myself too! Haha!

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