Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I met Amy Butler

I met Amy Butler last night. She was speaking at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, hosted by Harper's Fabric and Quilt.

I sneaked over early to meet her while she was talking to the younger kids before she had to get up on stage. I had two of her books with me for her to sign. I was so nervous to meet her! I was sweating, anxious, super excited all at the same time! To me, she is a celebrity! I rather meet her than any movie actor/actress. It's true. I have adored her since I started sewing [again] seven years ago.

So, I had her sign my books, and I wanted to get a picture with her - I was holding on to my camera. I was so excited to meet her! She signed my books, and I was in heaven... how silly is this? I forgot to get a picture with her!!! Doh! I'm so sad that I forgot. :(
She said she'll be at the Quilt Market, which I will be there too, I will need to use that opportunity to see her again and get a picture with her... and to talk to her again! Hehe

She is so genuine, she's beautiful, and she's just amazing. I love her personality, I love how she expresses herself. Her husband, David, is so nice too. It's expected, right? Nice people are only attracted to nice people, right?

I did get this picture!

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