Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BluePro Services - Review

As you may [or may not] know, we've been going through a few local cleaners.

We haven't had great luck. I decided that I am not going to go through any deal sites for cleaners anymore.  So, I asked one of my former co-workers who they use.

This is my review for BluePro Services.

The main contact is Alex. Everything was done through e-mail. He gave me the free estimate through e-mail. I like this because this is the easiest form of communication for me.
The cost is very reasonable. They show up on time, I have no complaints about their cleaning. The first time they came, they cleaned our blinds, ceiling fans, even took the cushions out of the furniture and vacuumed. That's awesome, because who knows how many cheerios are hiding under those cushions! They have three cleaners and they were done in about 2.5 hours. After the first time, they spend about 1.5 to 2 hours.
Best part is that they also come on Saturdays, so this way, I do not need to take work off.

If you are a bit picky on a few dusting areas or such, just let them know. They've been pretty good about everything. I set out new sheets for all the beds, and they change them. They even put the used sheets in our laundry room.

We have it set up to where they come to our house every other month.

I really recommend BluePro Services if you're in the Kansas City Metro Area.  Let them know that you heard about them through me, Nicole!

I was not paid, compensated for this review. This review is completely my own opinion, good and/or bad.
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