Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smores in a Cone

Smores in a Cone? Yep! On Father's day, we had the grill going, and any time we have the grill going... we always make smores! My mother in law mentioned that she heard someone talk about making smores in a cone! So, we tried it out!

I'm so bad at taking picture of what we used. So, I meshed pictures together! Hahaha, I know So classy!

Here are the items that we used:

So, take one piece of the Hershey rectangle, and break it in half. Put it in the sugar cone, and tear the marshmallow in half, put the first half in, then two more Hershey chocolate piece. then put the second half of the marshmallow on top of the chocolate pieces.

Wrap it up in a foil.
Put it on the grill!

It depends on the heat of the grill, we put it on for about 8 minutes. 
When you open it, be careful because the top marshmallow that we put on top is going to be all over the foil.

The kids loved it. I did too... so much that I ate two! :)

I think next time, I'll use the mini-marshmallow, so I wouldn't need to tear any large marshmallows apart.

Let me know if you gave it a try!



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