Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Donating to Art Unleashed, Part 2

I made a new tote... this is the first one, and it will be donated to Art Unleashed. ...
I've been doing some tote sketches to add to my shop collection. Couple nights ago, I started cutting fabrics, etc. Started at 9pm, shortly after the boys went to bed. Then it was getting pretty late, I looked up at the clock in the craft room and the hands said it was midnight... only to find out that the batteries were dying, and it was actually 2am!!
So, I was like, Well, I'm up this late already, might as well just finish it. Thinking that it'll take me another hour.  Nope, I did not finish it until 445am. Got into bed at 5am. Got a 2 hour power nap. went to work........................ not as a productive day since half of my brain was still asleep!

Then later finding out that I have strep. Ugh. What a week, already!!

I will be keeping a distance from everyone for a few days until it's "safe" to interact with other human beings!

Oh yes, so what do you think? Love to hear some feedback on how to make it perfect for you!

1 comment:

  1. This is so adorable! Perfect for everything you need for going to the dog park.



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