Friday, September 14, 2012

Pattern Testers Wanted!

I have been trying to get patterns started to sell in my shop. You know how you've been doing something for so long, you just think everything makes sense... I want to make sure it makes sense for everyone.

I started making instructions for the cosmetic pouches that I make. 

So now, I'm looking for two - four pattern testers in each category:

  • Beginner: just straight stitching is the basic of sewing for you
  • Intermediate: you can do more than straight stitching, zippers don't scare you.
  • Advanced: You're a pro at darting, sewing more than 2 layers is piece of cake, and faux leather does not intimidate you.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Let me know what you think your sewing level is (see above). 
  2. You will need to provide your own machine, fabric, interfacing, etc.
  3. Send me an email with your review of the pattern. List where it is confusing, correct my grammar, etc. anything works. Nothing fancy, basically just let me know where you thought the instructions needs improvement. Be harsh if you'd like. I'll reply with questions about where I can improve and refine the patterns and instructions.
  4. You must be able to email me your review within 2 weeks of receiving the pattern.
  5. There is no reward other than that you will receive the final PDF version of the pattern + 1 when ready. If you have a blog, I will donate the pattern to your blog for a giveaway or you can give it to a friend. Totally up to you.
  6. I'd like nice photos for me to post on my blog and have it on my PDF file too and link back to you too (if you have a blog)
  7. It would help if you followed my blog in some way whether that's GFC, Google Reader, or however you'd like to follow... just so that you we can connect and I can pretend you're my friend. :)  I'd like to get to know you too. You know, internet buddies.
 You can either comment here (I have to approve all messages, so I won't reveal your e-mail address to everyone) or you can send me an e-mail here: ni.chern.designs (at) gmail (dot) com

I appreciate it! I'll post on here when I receive all the testers that I need!
Thank you!!

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