Monday, November 5, 2012

IIDA Color + Couture

I'm really behind on posting.
I have been really busy with my day job related stuff. 

IIDA (International Interior Design Association) hosted Color+Couture, basically Interior Designs/Architecture firms in the local Kansas City Metro area met with a "sponsor" that was a materials supplier. Example, the firm that I work for was assigned a materials company, which was a wall covering company. 
Basically, the volunteers from the firm had to come up with an outfit out of these architectural/interior material, and we show it off by having a team member from each group be the 'model' and walk down the runway. 

The show was last month, I know I'm super behind on posting!

Our concept was phoenix rising from the sun. I'm not sure if you can see, but there is a gradient of red, orange, and gold.

This was my first year doing Color+Couture, I don't know how my teammates got me to be the model, but I agreed to it.  I'm pretty laid back about everything, so, Marcia was the model assistant. She basically determined what everything looked like, from hair to makeup on the day of the runway show. Our firm had two separate teams, we had wall covering, the other team has rubber tile. 

I was so nervous walking on the runway, but Marcia was so wonderful on helping me relax, and letting me know what I should do and how to look best on the runway. She was such a life saver, such a wonderful person! I had so much fun, and would definitely do it again, even as a model!

marcia and me (pic from click photography)
pic from click photography
photo by Tony Sapad 
photo by Tony Sapad 

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