Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Toddler or Travel Pillows now in shop

You know how I have a tutorial for toddler pillow covers, right? If you didn’t, it’s right here.
I realized that some people may find it useful, but some, who do not have a sewing machine, know how to sew, etc. may want to purchase one.

I now offer the pillow covers in my Etsy shop.  It does not include the pillow, you can choose between 7 different types of fabrics. 

Made to Order Custom Toddler / travel size pillow case cover

I did say to allow 3 – 5 days for me to make, but if you need it sooner. You can always contact me; I can usually make it within 24 hours.  

In the descriptions, I mentioned what kind of pillow I have purchased for my boys.  The pillows are from Home Elegance. The reason why I like them is that they are non-allergenic and machine washable.  I also noticed that they don’t go flat as quickly. I don’t remember what brand I used before, but they were poly-fil, and they went flat within a week.

So if you don’t have time, know how to sew, or have a sewing machine, now you have an opportunity to purchase this super cute pillow!

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