Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Add the Like Button to your Blogspot page

There was a comment how you are more likely to receive facebook likes when you have the like button on your blog versus sending them to your facebook page for them to like you there. It makes sense, it takes away that middle step of opening another browser or sending them away to facebook... because we all know that when you're on facebook, you forget all reasons why you were suppose to do on the computer in the first place.

Alright, I had to ask Steve on how to do all this, since he's the computer guy.

Here we go.

Go here:  (this will open another browser)

Scroll down to "Step 1"
When you enter in your facebook page, make sure you enter it like this : -- for example, mine looks like this:

Design what you'd like the "like" area to look like, with faces or not.

When you're done, click "Get Code"
You'll need both codes.  Keep this screen up, as you'll need to copy and paste.

Open another browser, you need to go to Blogspot.

Go to the template

Click "Edit HTML"

Click "Proceed"

Now click "Ctrl+f" -- we're going to find "/head".  
Go to the facebook code page. Copy the first code, and paste it after the <  body .....  - see where i used the giant arrow in the image? post it there.

Click save template.
Now, go to the blogspot layout. click "add gadget" to where you'd like the like button to be located on your blog. Add the javascript option, then paste the second code from the facebook code page.
and that should be it!
Let me know if you have any questions!
and show me your like button! ;)

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  1. GREAT post!! Thank you so much! I just added it to my page! Check it out! :) Found you through Etsy!



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