Tuesday, January 29, 2013

corporate world

I know I’ve been MIA off and on for a while. Life is being back to busy again. Wasn’t it just the holiday busy just recently?
I have been pretty stressed out with work lately (my day job). I have a new manager that just got moved over to our team few months ago. I’m usually pretty good with everyone. I’m laid back enough that I try not to let things get to me. Well, this new manager seems to belittle people a lot. Before I started to work with him, my supervisor pulled me to his office to let me know that he can be very difficult to work with and that he is helping him being a better manager.
Things have progressively not getting better. There are some uphills and then major downhills.  As sad as this may be, all I’m trying to do is getting as much done as I can so I can just avoid him. There are days where I just want to get up and go and not come back because that’s how miserable he makes me. I am never like this at work, I enjoy being here, I enjoy working… just not with him. 
So, I have been stressing myself about it, and saying prayers that it will not always be like this. 
Is the corporate world always like this? It sure makes me miserable.

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