Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wheat and hormones

Wheat Field with Reaper and Sun by Van Gogh -- pic source

If you didn’t know, I’m allergic to everything (all nuts- except pecan, all fruit with pits, all trees/pollen, some seasonings, all animals, etc)
Couple years ago, from a blood test, I found out I am allergic to wheat. The allergy doctor said that it probably wasn’t anything if I don’t get a reaction. So, I went with my pasta and bread.
And within the last 18 months, I’ve been having emotional and sleep issues. I went to the doctor, she gave me some meds.  Last week, I went back and just went over my symptoms. I’m still always tired, not motivated, sometimes depressed, etc. My doctor says that I’m showing all sorts of symptoms of Thyroid disease. But since my thyroid count is still normal, and sometimes on the edge of normal and low, she can’t treat me for that. She mentioned that many women show symptoms before their thyroid count starts dropping.
This really opened my eyes on a few things. I don’t eat healthy. I LOVE pasta, bread, and pasta. And I’m not going to deny it, I do love fast food, like McDonald’s.
So, I’ve started to limit my wheat intake. I didn’t eat any wheat related for a few days, and ate some bread, and I just felt sick, not like throw up sick, just not feeling great. We went to Whole Foods and got some gluten-free related stuff to make, mixes, snacks, etc. I am going to do my best on staying wheat-free. It’s been hard… even though it’s only been a week. Ha!
I even made gluten-free cinnamon rolls for Memorial Day breakfast with our family. I miss the wheat. It definitely didn’t taste the same. When I start making more wheat-free stuff, and they actually taste good, I’ll post them.

So, you see me talking (or writing) about gluten-free and wheat-free. What’s the difference?
This site explains it pretty well:
Wheat free doesn’t always mean its gluten free. Gluten is found in wheat, but it is also found in the grains like barley and rye. Food labeled as "wheat-free" still can contain either of those grains or ingredients derived from them.
Since I’m just allergic to wheat, but not oats, barley, rye, which people with Celiac disease cannot eat.
When I buy “Gluten-free” products, I know that it doesn’t include wheat.

Anyone else has a wheat allergy or has low thyroid issues? Any recipes that you recommend?

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