Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Charity for 2014

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Back in the day when I started Ni-Chern Designs in 2005, I donated a percentage of my profit to a cancer organization. Since this was just a hobby, it didn't really matter if I made much of an income.

Even though right now, I don't have a full time job, I think I need to bring giving back to my business for a few reasons. I donate my time to the community (such as being a Youth Friend) and being the co-leader for the Adopt-A-Family during the holidays for the company that I worked for last year.
The impact that I felt when the co-worker and I led the Adopt-A-Family for Cancer Action in KC was really full-filling. I want to bring that back. You know that saying that you never really feel complete until you help others? Maybe not, or maybe it's something that I felt.

For 2014, I will be donating 5% of my profit to a non-profit organization. There are so many organizations that I want to help, but unable to help. So, this is where I will need your help. Because there are SO many non-profit organizations out there, I am not sure which one to pick!

If you want me to donate part of my profit to an organization, please comment in this post with the organization, website, and why do you think they need the help.

Which organization do you think will make an impact and why you want me to donate to them?
I will pick the top 3, and the readers/fans/etc. gets to pick the one that I will be donating to in 2014. This organization will be receiving 5% of my profit for the full year os 2014. Then next year in October, we'll do this all over again! I'm doing this now, so it wouldn't be so crazy when the Holiday gets here.

Q1. I'm not in Kansas City, but there is a local non-profit that has really impacted me, are you willing to donate to them if you select them?
A1: Yes! The organization doesn't have to be in Kansas City! It can be any where in the U.S.

Q2: Do you base your selection off of Charity Rating?
A2: Yes, I do. It is important to me that money donation to any non-profit organization uses the donated money wisely.

Q3: Does it have to be a cancer organization?
A3: No, it can be pet rescue, helping the homeless, etc.

Q4: Can it be my church/temple/religious organization?
A4: Even though they are non-profit, I'd like to keep the religion and political organizations separate. So, please do not submit any religious or political organizations.

Q5: Will you tell us how much you will be donating?
A5: Yes! I will post an amount to let you know how much everyone have helped as of that day. I plan on finding a widget that has "as of now" donated amount/graph/bar/ something on the website/blog.

If you have any other questions, just ask!

Organization submittal are due: October 25
Top 3 Organization will be selected: November 1
Voting starts November 1 and ends November 8.
5% of profit starting January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 to the non-profit organization.

The months of November and December is basically for me to contact the organization to let them know what I'm doing, and how they can help (if they want to) and some other PR stuff that I need to take care of.


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