Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Referral Program for Ni-Chern Designs

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I have started a referral program for Ni-Chern Designs. I know there are sites that can help with this. Since I'm starting out, I just wanted to throw this out there and see how it does, and if it's successful, then we will all jump for joy!

OK, so here it goes.

To be part of the referral program, you must have at least purchased an item from the shop at the original price, this is usually your first purchase.

Then for each person that you refer, you receive 5% off of one item (excludes shipping). When you accrue the percentages, you do not have to use the discount all at the same time and/or the same item.

Sally referred four of her friends.

She receives 20% off total of one item. But she decides that she wants to use 10% off of one item, and 10% off of another item a month later.

Make sense?

The person that you refer, they must let me know who referred them. This way, I would know who to give the discount to.

I will keep a list of who and how many you have referred. ... What if my computer crashes?! No worries, I will save the list on my Cloud drive.

That's it! Start referring to get your discounts!

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