Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Julep Maven - Review

I am not a big fan of the monthly subscription stuff. For a couple reasons:
1. I never like or use everything that they send me (so, this makes me feel like I'm wasting my money)
2. I never know what's in the box, and if I can opt out that month, or maybe it's not in my budget that month

Even though I enjoy getting my nails done, I just can't afford it all the time. I did have a freak incident once. The tech cut my cuticles too close, and it bleed... then it got infected. I even have a picture, but I don't want you to lose your meal that you just had, so, I'll keep that to my photo album.
Let's just say, I haven't really gone to salons to get my nails done for about 6 months now.

So, to start, you go to Julep to take a quiz on what your style profile is. It's quick and fun! There are five different ones: Modern Beauty, BohoGlam, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist, and It Girl. I am BohoGlam.

Now, if I didn't like the other monthly subscription stuff, why would I like this one?

Every month, they send me an email that they have the package selected for each profile. I won't deny it, I don't always like what they have in the Boho Glam box!  I sometimes like Classic with a Twist instead. If I don't like any of the five package selections, or maybe I just don't have the budget to spend this month... Julet let's me skip it! They don't have a requirement on how many times you can skip, but I usually find something that I like from time to time.

If you love painting your nails or do at home manicures, I really think you should try out Julep!

From Julep Maven Intro Boho Glam box

Julep Nail Polish in Misti
P.S. Julep did not pay or give me anything to review their product. This is all completely my own opinion.

P.P.S - I'm sure you're like, well, how am i suppose to check out all their polish colors if I have to take a quiz? No worries! Here is a link to their nail color polishes! ;)

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