Monday, February 3, 2014

Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Gluten free pizza crust by Udi's

I love pizza. I really really do. But it's not always easy to find a gluten-free pizza that's actually good.

And the selection on gluten-free pizzas are very limited... very.

So, I picked up a 2 pack of Udi's Gluten-free Pizza Crusts at Whole Foods.

pic source

We kept the crusts in the freezer, and take it out whenever the pizza mood strikes. 

Saturday night, it struck. I wanted pizza. 
We made a pretty simple one, with just mozzarella cheese, basil, ham, and salami.

The direction says to bake it longer than 5 – 7 minutes if it came out of the freezer. 
The first time, we baked it for about 8 minutes, it wasn’t enough. The center was soggy; the experience was just not that great. 
So, this time, we baked it for almost 10 minutes. The center wasn’t soggy, and everything tasted pretty awesome. The crust didn’t fall apart, and it had a nice crunch to it. 

I’d definitely get the crust again, but bake it for about 10 minutes. 

As you can see from my pizza here, I couldn't wait to take a bite out of the middle! 

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