Thursday, April 3, 2014

G is for Guitar

We made some guitars with old tissue boxes. :)

G is for Guitar

We had some old wrapping paper rolls and tissue boxes. I wrapped 3 rubber bands around the box. I asked the boys if they wanted to glue some construction paper on to make it colorful, but they couldn't wait to start strumming!

We did a cut a hole for the roll and we just put it in all the way to make it a little bit more secure. The rubber bands held the roll in place. C lost interest in it pretty quickly (left - age 3), but D (right - age 5) played with it for a maybe another 30 minutes, then just wanted to play with the tube like a telescope.  So, the strumming didn't last long. But if you know your child would love to be strumming their tissue box guitar, then I recommend duct taping the roll to the box!

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