Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mary Kay Sun-Kissed Collection Review

I received an Influenster box from Mary Kay. What is your first impression of Mary Kay?
I'm not really a big fan of reselling type of places, especially if it's hosted by your friends... and you feel obgligated to buy. and who likes that feeling? So, quite honestly, not a fan of Mary Kay. If I like something, I will buy it because I like it.

So, I got this box. Definitely didn't expect everything!

I actually forgot to take photos of the two brushes (eye shadow and a medium size brush) that they included in the box.
First impression of everything.
Here is what they included:
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara - I'm indifferent about mascara until I try it
Mary Kay Cream Eye Color Apricot Twist -  I am still on the look out for good eye cream, so, ok. this is good
Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Shy Blush - I don't wear blush enough to have a preference.
Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder - I may need this since I have oily skin
Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Brush, Jet Black - Uhoh, I have used brushes in the past for eyeliner, and it's always been horrible. I'm not looking forward to this.
Mary Kay Bronzing Powder - I'm already olive skin, and don't think I really need this.
Mary Kay Nourishing Plus Lip Gloss, Mango Tango  - Wow, this is awfully bright for yours truely.

I tried it on today. I had to be presentable for an interpreter job! lol
Here is my take:

So my impression of all the products that I used:
In the order of applying it on my face:

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color Apricot Twist - It doesn't have a consistant texture, and it was difficult to apply and have the same look on both eye lids. it dries quickly. I didn't like it at first, but end of the night, it was still on my oily eye lids, and it didn't budge. So, Yes, I like this eye cream!

Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Brush, Jet Black - Oh man, I was not looking forward to this. in the past, gel eyeliners made my eyelids all black after a few hours. it was terrible! After applying, it is very thick. I wasn't sure how I feel about it... but i needed to try it! End of the night... even after a few tears. ... I was incredibly surprised on how it lasted and no smears on my eyelid at all! I was incredibly impressed!!

Here is my eyes. it's just a thin line on my eyelid.  Nothing fancy.

I put on my own foundation on at this point.

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Shy Blush - It just gave a little glimpse of pink on my skin... no preference really.

Mary Kay Bronzing Powder - I didn't really see a difference in my skin, and not sure if anyone noticed.

Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder - I liked the powder and it didn't make my face feel heavy.

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara - it's thick, it covered every single lash... I'd get it again, but I don't think it's the best mascara ever.

Mary Kay Nourishing Plus Lip Gloss, Mango Tango  - Wow, again. it's bright! But after smoothing it out, it's glossy. It's not too thick, so i like it. Would I get this? Sure, but probably not if I'm trying to save money.

Over all, I really like the eye cream and the eye liner, and I would definitely get it! It may be my new favorite! I'm definitely a fan of the eye make up and excited to try out the other colors!

Thank you to the Influenster for giving me this opportunity to try out Mary Kay's Sun-Kissed Cosmetics! #MKGlam

If you're interested in joining me on the Influenster, click here to register!

Just wanted to make sure you know that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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