Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paciugo Gelato - Oak Park

Paciugo Gelato was actually the first deal I have ever purchased, and it was on Groupon.
We never had their gelato before. The first time we ever heard about them was on the Food Network on the show called Unwrapped.

Paciugo at Oak Park is located on the Lower Level of the Mall, Center Court.
Their Hours are M-S 10am - 9pm; Su 12pm - 6pm

Since S and I have been to Italy and tasted gelato at its best... needless to say, we were very anxious to try them out!

We didn't get a chance to use the Groupon until it was almost expiring (June 2011).

We went on a Saturday after lunch. I'm sure it was at its busiest! We went with our two little ones. D was excited to have some! His eyes lit up when he saw it in our hands with those cute little spoons.

The ladies behind the counter were extremely nice! There were so many people that showed up right after us. We were still testing out samples. I tend to feel bad after getting more the three samples. S and I usually just shared samples if we knew the other would like it. But the ladies didn't mind a single bit! They were more than happy to give us more samples if we wanted more.

Even with people cutting in front of us, the ladies behind the counter made sure to get our samples and order when we were ready. I think our total order was like 15 cents over the groupon price (due to tax). The cashier told me to not worry about the extra cents. I would have been more than happy to pay, but she insisted that I didn't!

I really can't recall what both S and I had gotten, but I remembered it being delicious!

To be honest, I cannot say it was as wonderful as the gelato I had in Milan, but it was pretty darn close! This is definitely the place for me when I have a craving for gelato!! It is too bad that it's in an awkward location. I'm not much of a "mall" person. I'm more of a get in and get out type of gal. But I'm sure you'll see me stopping by to get a quick gelato fix when I am at the mall!

Pros: delicious, friendly service, reasonable price
Con: location

I rate Paciugo Gelato: 4 out of 5

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