Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take A Break Massage Therapy Spa - Review

Take A Break Massage Therapy Spa was from Living Social.  I had gotten the hour massage with a half an hour of AromaSteam.
I got it mostly because it was close to my work, and I can just stop by after work.  That is what I did one Friday. I had set up my appointment online, which I like.  Anything that I can do online than calling makes it easy on me.
I had set up my appointment with Breanna about two weeks in advance.

My appointment was the last one of the day.
The location of Take A Break Massage Therapy Spa is in an old strip mall, it almost look like apartments. I can't say the building is the newest building, but it's alright. The exterior could be worked on, but that's not the businesses fault.
The lobby was really dark. Not like the usual spas that I have been to that is full of windows. It was a little too dark for my taste. There were two ladies at the counter. I was greeted when I went in, filled out the massage form that you usually fill out. I hung out with an incredibly large fish that kept staring me down in their lobby. It's funny, and I found the fish quite fasinating.

I enjoyed my massage, I don't mind chatting while I lay there, but I don't mind napping either. haha. So, Breanna and I chatted a little bit, probably for 15-20 minutes during the beginning of the massage.
I really thought Breanna did a great job.

As for my AromaSteam, the power kept going off. I think it went off 4 times. Twice before I even got in, and twice while I was in it. To be honest, it made me a little nervous because of how dark the place is and I was the only one there. There weren't any lights, just light ropes at the top edge of the walls. Breanna had to bring a flashlight to check what was wrong every time. Needless to say, it was a little awkward.

Finally, she took me to a different one, which worked, and I got my half an hour steam. It was nice, but not my thing.

All in all, I enjoyed my massage. Breanna was great.

I rate Take A Break Massage Therapy Spa: 4 out of 5.

*The decorations/lighting/etc. could be worked on, but keep the fish! The dark feeling made me a little uncomfortable when something went wrong.

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