Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beauty Mi Amour - Review

I had purchased a Mani and Pedi combo from Beauty Mi Amour through Lucky Monkey (which is CrowdSavings now).

My voucher expired Oct 31, 2011. I called September 26, 2011, and got the answering machine, but then it said the machine was full.  I called again the next day. Answering machine was full. I called again September 29, 2011.  I got a person. I told her about the voucher and how I'd like to make an appointment. She tells me that they are booked and that they would not be able to take me until November 3. I explained that my voucher expires end of October, and would they will allow me to use it? She said no, but I can use the amount that I paid for. She also explains to me that because of the vouchers on so many various other deal sites, that is the reason why they don't have very many openings.

I said I really much prefer using my voucher, I told her the only two days I'm not available are September 30 and October 1. She said she'll call me back to see if she can squeeze me in before October 31 because the computer system does not allow them to see open times all at once. I find that strange, but sure.
She calls back saying she has two openings for September 30. I explained to her that that was one of the only two days out of 32 days before my voucher expires that I am unavailable. She said she'll call me back to see what she can do.

Never received a call back. When I did call back the next day, machine was full again. I'm sorry, but having your machine full every time someone calls is unacceptable.
Another issue I had was if the business is going to be on so many deal sites, then they should accommodate to the rush and busy times that these deals will be bringing. I do not believe the excuse that they cannot accept my voucher because they're busy accommodating other people's deals and not allow me to use it past the expiration date if they are full. Companies/restaurants/services/etc. have allowed vouchers beyond the date because they are so busy the month of the expiration, and that's just from ONE deal site that they've been on, not three or four.

Last issue, maybe they need to write appointments down in a calendar planner instead of a computer if it is that difficult to use.

I decided that I'm not wasting my time with them. CrowdSavings was very accommodating with me, and gave me a refund.

I rate Beauty Mi Amour: 0 of out 5.

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