Friday, October 7, 2011

Cuddle Bug Home Cleaners - Review

Cuddle Bug Home Cleaners was purchased through Lucky Monkey (which is CrowdSavings now, since they have purchased Lucky Monkey).
The vouchers was for 3 hours of cleaning. I set up my appointment through e-mail.
It was a rough start, the ladies arrived to our house late, appointment was made at 1pm, they did not arrive until 1:20pm. They had the wrong address and drove in our neighborhood for awhile.

Here are a few things that I can see how some people would not like.
1. They did not bring their own vacuum (so they used our's)
2. They ran out of pledge at the last location they were at, and asked if I had any.
3. They did not bring a mop, and used what we had.
4. They ran out of paper towels, and asked me if I had any for them to use.
5. They used my shower/cleaning sprays and only used theirs when they couldn't get the soap scum off of the shower doors.
6. They used our cleaning supplies (ex: scrubbers, etc)

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about them using our supplies. At first, I thought I was okay with it... I think until the vacuum started to sound funny. Not sure what she ran over. We spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out if it was broken. If it was broken, do I ask them to pay for a new dyson?  There is a fine line for a company to come in to use my supplies... lots of 'what ifs'.

They didn't really spend more than 30 minutes in one location.  Most cleaners would spend about 1 - 1.5 hours in the bathrooms (for one cleaner), and about 45 minutes to an hour in the kitchen. I think the bathroom is probably the cleanest place that they did out of the whole house.

Now as for their cleaning goes. It was okay. I cannot say that they did a fantastic job, but cannot say that they did a horrible job. There were some dead spiders at the baseboard that I was hoping that they would get, but they didn't. They did a quick vacuum around. Like a stand here, and just take one step to get as far as I can without moving more than I need to.

They were anxious to leave. They were only at my house about 2 hours.  They left at 3:10pm.
I did say that if they were done early, they could help me fold. They must have forgotten, because they quickly packed up.
After they left, I walked around the kitchen (I walk bare feet in my house), and felt lots of crumbs (probably from my kids' meals). So, poor sweeping and mopping.

I rate Cuddle Bug Home Cleaners: 2 out of 5.


  1. You got luckier than I did...

    I will tell anyone that listens, do not waste your time or money. These people showed up two hours late, but did not call until they were an hour and 47 minutes late. Before this rocky start, it took five months to get them to schedule the visit. After getting their money, the owner would not freely give their availability, she would just say they were booked. I had to borderline harass her to say, "if you would give me an exact time when you are not booked, I can go ahead and book my cleaning." Common sense escapes the entire crew, from top to bottom.

    The cleaning crew complained from the moment they walked in the door (2 of the 3). The cleaning service was a gift so I had to have the coupon emailed to me. They refused to start cleaning until the coupon was in hand. They then proceeded to tell me "I hope you know tax and gratuity are not included." Gratuity for what??? How presumptious. Who knew what the service would be like? I was only going through with it at this point because it was already paid for and a gift. If previous experience was any indicator, I was not expecting stellar results.

    After going back upstairs to print off the coupon, I could still hear them complaining (after being two hours late, mind you), about waiting, and the next house they needed to get to. I decided enough was enough. I told them to pack it up and leave. They were being rude, inconsiderate and ignorant.

    Bottom line, the owner and employees need to do better. I have a feeling her employees have not been trained on customer service, which is just as important as the cleaning service Cuddlebug is supposed to provide.

    1. Cuddlebug is a good company that i used them over a month ago and they where great very friendly.And my house looked great and they even showed up early. i looked for the worest when i read the reviews but over all I loved my cleaning a would use them again.I understand that you can't buy something and want your home cleaned the next week that's not how it works and she explained that to me when i called.but once again thank you cuddlebug.

  2. oh wow, i'm so sorry to hear that! I do remember them saying that I needed to pay tax and gratuity. I think all of the deal site cleaning service cleaners have all asked for tax and gratuity the moment they walk into the house.

  3. Hi Nicole,

    We have a Living Social coupon for them. They are supposed to come this afternoon but both their phone numbers have been disconnected! After reading your review even if they do show up I might just tell them to take the afternoon off! I find it unbelievable that they would use your cleaning equipment! As always, it pays to research the product before buying. My lesson is learned! Good luck with future cleaning adventures!



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