Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Since I didn't do a "Happy Friday" last week... I'm going to try to remember as much as I can. :)

1. I got to spend time with many of Grandma K's family and friends. The memorial service was on Friday, Nov. 11. It was a beautiful memorial service. I, personally, knew that Grandma K was a wonderful person, but after hearing so, so many people talk about her really touched me. She will be greatly missed. Sundays and Holidays will not be the same without her.  I got to meet S's Aunt's family, Aunt Kathy, and many others.  Hanging out with them was great too. Just bunch of great people!  Of course they are! They're family!

2. I ran a 5k on Nov. 12. It was for Girls on the Run over at Town Center Plaza. I've been sick, mostly congested. Unfortunately, I have no been running to keep up with my time. But I was determined to run.
There were so many kids there, I had to try to keep up with them! They were so fast!!!
I'm glad that they were, because I ran my best 5k yet!! 30:51 seconds!  S and the boys waited for me at the finish line. It was cute to hear D tell me that he saw me running :)

3.  I'm so proud of C. He's been starting to talk a little more. He's still working on a few syllabus, but I think it's getting close! Apparently he's been saying 'purple' 'sit' 'blue' at daycare.

4. I made apple crisps for the first time. they were delicious!!!  I would post pictures, but I ate them all! :P

5. If you didn't know I am part of the local street team on Etsy called KCEtsy.  I've been calling around empty spaces to see if we can have a craft show. One of the places called back! I'm super excited. I'm going to take a look at the space on Monday to see how many people we can fit in there! I'm really hoping to share the exciting news that we'll have a craft there on Dec. 3!!

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