Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pressed4Time - Review

Pressed4Time voucher was purchased through Groupon.
The voucher was for $30.

Time is something we don't have. Regardless when we had kids or not. Before kids, we would iron our clothes... I think either S and I did it (whenever we could) about once every other week of a full hour of just ironing all the clothes that needed ironing. This is BC (Before Children).  But even then, we still were crunching for time.
But now, I think I'm just lazy. haha. I don't think we've ironed our clothes for a very long time.

When I saw the voucher, I was like. I NEED this!

Since it was for $30, I really had a hard time trying to come up with $30 worth. The prices were incredibly reasonable.  Since they didn't go out to our house, I had them pick up and drop off from my work place.

I'm at work longer during the day than at home. So, it all worked out.

We used the voucher in September.
I did call them once to ask about the voucher -- left a message, but they didn't call back. I really don't even remember what my question is now. It probably wasn't a big deal.
I called them again a week later -- left a message to set up time.
Shelly called me back and she was going to pick up around noon, and drop off 3 days later at the same time.

The clothes were dropped off at the receptionist desk. The receptionist told me that people were questioning and thought it was a good idea to do dry cleaning that way. I can't complain. It worked out pretty well.

They gave me a bag for future drop offs.

We used to go to Pride Cleaners, but Pressed4Time is much more convenient!

I rate Pressed4Time:  5 out of 5

P.S. I just want to make it clear that no one paid for any of our vouchers. We purchase them as we need them and I write reviews on them. If you have different experience, feel free to comment. Not everyone has the same opinions.

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