Friday, November 11, 2011

Pierpont's Restaurant - Review

Pierpont's was purchased through Groupon. It was a voucher for $40.

S and I took his parents out to lunch. It has been a crazy week for them due to preparation and everything with Grandma K's passing.

We thought it'd be nice to take them out.
We went to Pierpont's on a Thursday for lunch.
S and Mom had Blue Crab  & Sweet Corn Bisque to start.
Dad and I had a salad. Dad had the Walnut & Pear Salad and I had the Classic Caesar Salad.

For our entree:
S, Dad, and I had the Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin ($14). Mom had the Sauteed Rainbow Trout ($14).

The three of us that had the tenderloin thought it was delicious and it was just the perfect portion for lunch. The tenderloin was cooked well for our liking. S had it medium rare. Dad and I had medium.
Mom thought the trout was delicious as well.
Needless to say, we cleaned our plate.

For Dessert we ordered: 
S and Mom ordered the White Chocolate Bread Pudding
Dad ordered Key Lime Tart
I ordered the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee.
We all ordered coffee. We're all coffee drinkers.

Steve and Mom enjoyed their pudding, but the waitress put too much rum on their pudding to where it was overwhelming. Steve thought the pudding would have been better if it wasn't so cold. I always thought bread pudding should be warm. But he said it wasn't that great. Mom didn't finish her's.

Even though Dad didn't say much about the tart, I could tell it wasn't his favorite.

The vanilla bean creme brulee was okay. I cannot say it was the best I've ever had, but it wasn't the worst.  They put a lot powdered sugar on the creme brulee. It almost felt like that they premade the creme brulee with the sugar burnt on it.... instead of burning the sugar before bringing it out.

The coffee is the issue.  It was the only thing that we all had the same.

I started to feel 'uncomfortable' during the drive home.... I had requested that S not stop at any yellow lights! S started to feel sick maybe 30 minutes after we got home. Later we found out that Mom and Dad had to make a pit stop on their way home. Dad later felt sick, about the same time as S.

So, I'm going to tell you now... maybe not drink their coffee.

Oh yes, the service. Meh. It was okay. The waitress waited a long time to refill my water. It went to empty twice. It took her a long time to take our credit card. And with her putting too much rum on the pudding didn't help either.

Overall, I rate Pierpont's: 3.5 out of 5

I'll probably go back for the entrees. ... definitely not for their coffee!

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