Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Craft Room/Office Update

First off, I'm going start off to say Thank you to my husband. He's been using his vacation time working on things around the house.

As you may remember we are redoing our craft room/office. I put together a design board. Steve and I both picked out the colors. At first, I just wanted a feature wall of the green.  Then I saw stenciling... I was like, "S! This looks awesome!"

So, Here S is on Sunday. Our first try with the stenciling.

We didn't think the tape the sides really helped. S repainted it with the gray again. Unfortunately, painting the stencils were postponed.

Then yesterday (Monday), S tackled it by himself.

This is what it looks like after he worked on it for over 12 hours... and I helped him touch up after I put the kids to bed.

It definitely took a lot longer than he expected. But it looks amazing! I absolutely LOVE it!

Thank you so much S!!!! He says he's going to move the furniture around today, but I told him to take it easy in the morning since he was painting [literally] all day yesterday.

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